Aquarium Camera AlternativesWritten by John Ostler

Aquarium Camera Alternatives

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🧐 What is aquarium camera and How does it work?

LED aquarium lights are brilliant, but blue (actinic) light interferes with your camera sensor, changing the beautiful colors of your fish and corals into a scene from a black light filled roller rink from the 1980's. Enter our hopeful hero, Aquarium Camera. It dreams of ridding the internet of bad aquarium photography. It's designed to color correct the actinic light from LEDs in real-time on our mobile devices, the thing we use to take photos of everything else in our lives, except our tanks... until now. "The Aquarium Camera app is an essential tool for reef tank photography." – You can now stop buying pro camera rigs, shooting in raw, buying gels, and turning off your blue lights to get great and accurate shots of your tank. You don't need to spend hours in post-production or photo editing apps, tweaking the hue and lighting of each of your photos. Simply put, all you need is the Aquarium Camera and an iPad or iPhone to get GREAT photos and videos of your aquarium. “So easy to use… Love it!!! And the color changing is realtime so you can see the screen and the real thing side by side to ensure you get the right balance.” – Carlos Chacon, IT Manager at CoralVue Features: • Real-time white balance color • Real-time RGB adjustment • *NEW* Real-time Gel mode - orange gels are typically used by professional photographers to compensate for blue light. The new gel mode works like magic by simulating what a gel over your lens will do to your shots. It goes a step further by dynamically changing it's color based on what it sees in your shot (it's like buying millions of gels and picking just the right one for each shot) • Take Photos or Video • Portrait and Landscape photos (obviously) • Digital pinch to zoom • Touch to focus • Manually control brightness • Toggle the flash on/off (works great if your corals are really close to the glass in your aquarium) • Download it one time and use on your iPad and iPhone • Quickly access your camera roll to review shots • Share photos or videos right from the library Special thanks to the members of for testing version 3.0 of the app! Over 250 aquarists tested version 3.0 prior to pushing to the app store. Check out the Reef2Reef, ReefCentral, Nano-Reef and ChicagoReefs forums to see some of their awesome aquarium photos! Super big thanks to Reef2Reef members Jason Mack, Scott Nelson, Scurvy, NorthFLreefer, ReeferMadness80G, Budau18 and Stratru362 for giving me permission to use their photos in the preview! I created the Aquarium Camera app because I was tired of seeing posts of brilliant aquariums on forums like Reef2Reef, Nano-Reef, ReefCentral that don't truly represent the health and beauty of the fish, plants, and corals inside. It wasn't as big of a problem in the days of VHO, Power Compacts and Metal Halide lighting, but with LEDs now taking over the aquarium lighting space, we needed another solution. Let's commit ourselves to spending less time trying to correct the lighting on our aquarium photos and videos and more time enjoying our fish, shrimp, snails, plants, and corals... oh, and doing water changes. The before and after shots in the preview were taken at the 2017 Aquatic Experience Kessil booth, A80 Tuna Blues. The video was taken under an AquaIllumination Nano LED fixture.

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40 Best Photo & Video Apps like Aquarium Camera 🔥 Top Picks for 2023

A guide to the best alternatives for aquarium camera. What are the top photo & video apps like aquarium camera for 2023? Find popular photo & video like aquarium camera. Below are the most similar photo & video apps we found. Discover the top 40 competitors to aquarium camera.

Aquarium Camera Alternatives and Similar Apps
NoApp Name
2Stop Motion Studio Pro
3Fotorama - AI Photo Generator
4MyLightMeter PRO
5Even Longer
6NightCap Camera
7TV Cast Pro for Samsung TV
8TV Cast Pro for Google Cast
9TV Cast Pro for Sony TV
10Photo Collage Maker PicJointer
11Rarevision VHS - Retro 80s Cam
13PicCollage Photo Collage Maker
14CapCut - Video Editor
15Pro Camera by Moment
20Blackmagic Camera
21TV Cast Pro for Fire TV
22Photo Scanner Plus
23TV Cast Pro for Chromecast
24Dazz Cam - Vintage Camera
25Lumy - Beautiful Sun Tracker
26Video 2 Photo - HD
27EPIK - AI Photo Editor
28TV Cast Pro for LG webOS
29TinType by Hipstamatic
31SP Camera
32Canon PRINT
33Superimpose X
34Tattoo Stencil
36EE35 Film Camera
37AirBrush - AI Photo Editor
38EpocCam Webcamera for Computer
39Beastcam - Pro Camera
40YouTube Studio