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Shutter - Sony Camera Remote Alternatives

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🧐 What is shutter - sony camera remote and How does it work?

Easily capture photos with Sony Alpha and Cyber-shot cameras (supported models at the end of this description.) Shutter comes with a full-featured Apple Watch app. ADVANCED SELF-TIMER (INTERVALOMETER) Shutter's timer allows you to specify an initial delay and intervals between photos. You can control waiting sound during the countdown, and photo capture sound when the self-timer triggers. You can remotely control exposure settings. Included histogram ensures you don't clip highlights or lose shadow details. RAW TIME-LAPSE WITH INCREDIBLE CONTROL With the help of intervalometer, you can get rid of a dedicated cable release. Capture RAW photos and use your regular RAW developer and video editor to put together incredible time-lapse movies. FAMILY AND GROUP PHOTOS WITH YOU INCLUDED With timer app you can finally include everyone in family and group photos. Set up timer and allow it to capture multiple frames at one run. Timer sounds will make sure everyone smiles at the exactly right moment. PERFECT TRAVEL COMPANION Ever been to a perfect travel destination with no one around to take a picture of you? Strangers cutting off your limbs? With our intervalometer, you can capture those sunrises and sunsets in the most remote locations. Shutter's optimized battery usage allows you to enjoy the day to the fullest. WORKS GREAT WITH EYE-AF With the recent Eye-AF update for 3rd generation cameras, our remote controller can always focus on the eye. You've never had selfies and group photos this sharp! REAL-ESTATE Use exposure bracketing to easily capture multiple exposures of the same scene. Recover all shadow and highlight details in post-production. ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY By combining ("stacking") multiple photos with the same composition, you can drastically reduce camera noise in post-production. Use Shutter to catch multiple exposures of the night sky. This will allow you to produce stunningly clear images of the Milky Way and Northern Lights (aurora borealis). LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR INSTAGRAM AND SOCIAL MEDIA No one better understands your Instagram business than yourself. Compose perfect shots and improve your Instagram engagements. With Shutter's timer you can take as many photos as you want without hubby's bored face. Your Sony camera will take care of the rest, giving you the sharpest and most flattering pictures! FEATURES: * configurable initial delay * configurable interval between shots * set exposure values from the app (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation) * support for BULB exposure * exposure bracketing * focus bracketing (see compatibility below!) * audio feedback - know when to smile * continuous shooting * video - see compatibility notes below * live view * optimized for low battery usage * histogram to preserve highlights * control timer from the lock screen * transfer low-res photo previews from camera * Dark Mode SUPPORTED CAMERAS: * Sony a1 * Sony a7 I*, II, III*, IV * Sony a7R I*, II, III*, IV, V * Sony a7S I, II, III * Sony a7C * Sony a9 I, II * Sony a5000*, a5100 * Sony a6000*, a6100*, a6300, * Sony a6400*, a6500, a6600*, a6700 * Sony FX3, FX30 * Sony RX1 II* * Sony RX10 II, III, IV* * Sony RX100 III, IV, V, VI, VII * Sony ZV-1, ZV-1 II, ZV-1F, * Sony ZV-E1, ZV-E10 * Sony HX400V*, HX60V* * Sony HX80*, HX90V* * Sony WX500* * Sony NES-5R*, NEX-5T*, NEX-6* FOCUS BRACKETING SUPPORT: Cameras: a1, a7C, a7 IV, a7R IV, a7R V, a7S III, a9, a9 II, a6700, FX3, FX30, RX100 VII, ZV-1, ZV-1 II, ZV-1F, ZV-E1, ZV-E10 Only Sony AF lenses are supported! WARNING: a7, a7R, a6000, a5000, RX1 II and NEX models do not support video. WARNING: a7, a7R, a7S, a5000, a5100, a6000, RX100 III, HX400V and NEX-series cameras do not support burst shooting. WARNING: a7 III, a7R III, a6100, a6400, a6600, RX10 IV don't allow tap to focus. LEGAL: Sony, Ξ±, Alpha, Cyber-shot, NEX, RX are trademarks of Sony Corporation. Uses the Camera Remote API by Sony

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