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Game Of FLIP Alternatives

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🧐 What is game of flip and How does it work?

Welcome to Game of FLIP! This game is played on your own or with your friends! Game of FLIP contains games to play on an actual trampoline such as: Game of FLIP & Game of ADD. The app also contains an auto-renewable subscription (called the exclusive club) which you may purchase through an In-app purchase. This subscription provides you with monthly updated video content from famous flippers, they will challenge you to do tricks in short and fun videos! It also comes with Flipdex, you can test yourself based on 30 tricks after which you will get a certificate with a score on how good you are. Add your own custom trick lists and lastly it contains an easter egg that you will get after tapping 1M times! The subscription costs $4,99 per month which is auto-renewed and can be canceled within the settings on your iPhone. Game of FLIP & Game of ADD is free after you get the app. Game of FLIP is designed to give flippers from all skill levels a chance to have fun in a game of FLIP. In Game of FLIP you will find a Practice Mode and a Multiplayer Mode. Both modes are equipped with 4 different levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. In Game of FLIP, the game chooses a randomized trick for you, which makes sure all playershave an equal chance to win! Easy Mode is the easiest mode in the game. In this difficulty you will find very simple tricks which every person who loves flipping can play, with tricks varying from a handstand to the first backflip combo. Medium Mode has the first challenging combos for people that already master the basics of flipping. In this difficulty you’ll find creative combos and the first double flips. Hard Mode is for the people that really have been passionate about flipping for a long time. In this difficulty you will find double flip combos, twisting tricks in different trick styles, and if you are lucky (or unlucky) your first triple flips. Extreme Mode is the hardest mode, for when Hard Mode is too easy for you, try this one if you think you belong to the best flippers in the world! -------------Practice Mode------------- Practice Mode is the single player version of a game of FLIP. This single player mode is made specially for you, so you can challenge yourself in a game of FLIP even when your friends aren’t around! In Practice Mode you can choose your own difficulty that fits your skills. The app will give you randomized tricks that fit the difficulty you choose, with unlimited rounds! In every round it is your challenge to succeed the trick that the app randomizes for you! If a trick is successful, you click on the β€˜Success’ button which will bring you to the next round. If a trick is failed, you click on the β€˜Fail’ button which will automatically add a letter of the word β€˜FLIP’ to your name. Once the full word β€˜FLIP’ is reached, the game will end. The game will show you how many rounds you have successfully passed. Be honest with yourself and try to beat your own high scores! Good luck and play safe! -------------Multiplayer Mode------------- Multiplayer Mode is where you challenge your friends in a game of FLIP! You play this game mode with a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4 players. Once you have filled in the playernames, you are asked to choose a difficulty. Choose your own difficulty that fits your skills and start playing! Every round the game chooses a trick which all players need to execute. If the trick is successful, you click on the β€˜Success’ button. If the trick is failed, you click on the β€˜Fail’ button. Clicking on the β€˜Fail’ button will automatically add a letter of the word β€˜FLIP’ to your name. After all players have clicked on the β€˜success’ or β€˜fail’ button, the game will continue to the next round. Once the full word β€˜FLIP’ is reached for one or multiple players, the game is over. The game tells you what’s next for the lost player(s)! Good luck and play safe! For our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, please visit:

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