RadarScope Alternatives
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RadarScope Alternatives

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1Drive Weather alternatives

Drive Weather

Drive Weather illustrates the National Weather Service's weather forecast showing drivers the weather along their route at the time they reach each point. It allows comparison of different routes, creating stops, interactively changing departure time, and other features that help plan trips around the weather. Great for truckers, RVers, bikers, van life, and road trips, storm chasers or any other reason you're on the road. FREE FEA...Download   $ Free    Concept Elements LLC    Android, iPhone, iPad   

2HD Thermometer ⊎ alternatives

HD Thermometer ⊎

Simple and beautiful rustic style Thermometer now in your iPhone or iPad. What people say about HD Thermometer : - It is a great app! It shows the temperature of your current location. That does not mean that your phone becomes a thermometer and can read the temperature of the surrounding area, using a weather service. A lot of idiots download this app and complain that their phone can't read the temperature indoors. Of course it c...Download   $ Free    Christophe Pereira da Conceicao    Android, iPhone, iPad   

3My Earthquake Alerts Pro alternatives

My Earthquake Alerts Pro

My Earthquake Alerts Pro is a powerful earthquake monitoring app which delivers all of the information you need, with push notifications included. It also includes a beautifully simple design optimized for the latest iPhone and iPad. FEATURES - Live earthquake map which can detect and track earthquakes from all around the world. - Free earthquake alerts customized for you, with no restrictions. - Powerful search feature to find earthqu...Download   $ 2.99    JRustonApps B.V.    Android, iPhone, iPad   

4Storm Shield alternatives

Storm Shield

Named by Time.com's @Techland as one of the best weather apps for your iPhone and Apple Watch. Severe weather alerts for your exact location. Storm Shield gives you storm-based alerts for tornado, hurricane, flood, thunderstorm, winter storms and other life-threatening weather events via voice and push notification. Storm-based alerts help reduce false alarms by alerting you to severe weather based on your exact location within a coun...Download   $ Free    E.W. Scripps Company    Android, iPhone, iPad   

5My Aurora Forecast Pro alternatives

My Aurora Forecast Pro

My Aurora Forecast Pro is the best app for seeing the Northern Lights. Built with a sleek dark design, it appeals to both tourists and serious aurora watchers by telling you what you want to know - whether that is exactly how likely you are to see the aurora borealis or details about the solar winds and high-resolution sun imagery. With this app, you'll be seeing the Northern Lights in no time. - Find the current KP index and how likel...Download   $ 1.99    JRustonApps B.V.    Android, iPhone, iPad   

6My Moon Phase Pro - Alerts alternatives

My Moon Phase Pro - Alerts

My Moon Phase Pro is the best app for tracking the lunar calendar. It has a sleek dark design which makes it easy to view information such as the current moon cycle, moonrise & moonset times as well as extras such as when the next full moon will be. If you're interested in moon photography, you can also find out when the golden hours and blue hours are so you can take the most beautiful photos. - View the moon cycle for any date in the...Download   $ 2.99    JRustonApps B.V.    Android, iPhone, iPad   

7Weather Radar° - Storm Tracker alternatives

Weather Radar° - Storm Tracker

Top Weather Radar app in over 30 countries with exceptional weather prediction accuracy. Over 3.6M downloads and 150K+ satisfied users in the US. FREE features: Detailed hourly forecast for 10 days Live rain and snow radar Extreme weather alerts (storms, floods, etc) Warnings on map (storms, floods, etc) Hurricane Tracking Weather Charts with info on temperature, precipitation, wind, pressure, and U...Download   $ Free    Impala Studios    Android, iPhone, iPad   

8ZYRTEC® ALLERGYCAST® alternatives


Wondering how today's allergy forecast will affect your seasonal allergies? Are your seasonal allergies so bad that you always check the pollen count and allergy map before you head out for the day? The Zyrtec AllergyCast app helps take some of the guesswork out of managing your allergies. It uses advanced technology developed by Zyrtec allergy experts to predict how your allergy symptoms may make you feel so you can prepare for e...Download   $ Free    McNeil-PPC, Inc    Android, iPhone, iPad   

9Great Lakes Boating Weather alternatives

Great Lakes Boating Weather

* NOAA Marine Weather for the Great Lakes * Features Include: * Real-time marine weather buoy data * 6-hour historical wave height trend reports * 5-day National Weather Service marine forecast * NOAA weather forecast discussion * NOAA charts (map overlays) * NWS severe weather notices Real-time Data Includes: - Significant wave height, period and direction - Wind speed, gust and direction - Air temperature - Water tempera...Download   $ 2.99    LW Brands, LLC    Android, iPhone, iPad   

10Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live alternatives

Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live

Real-time radar images, severe weather alerts, accurate weather forecasts and much more - precise & timely to help keep you safe! STAY INFORMED: - Radar overlay shows the areas of rain, snow & mixed precipitation in high resolution and vivid colors right on the interactive map; - Precipitation map provides precipitation forecast for the next 24 hours; - Satellite map illustrates the cloud cover; - Snow depth map displays the detected...Download   $ Free    Weather or Not Apps, LLC    Android, iPhone, iPad   

11MyRadar Weather Radar alternatives

MyRadar Weather Radar

Thanks to everyone for making MyRadar so successful, with over 50 million downloads! MyRadar is a fast, powerful, easy-to-use weather app that displays animated weather radar around your current location and to quickly show what weather is coming your way. Just start the app; your location pops up with animated live radar, with radar loop lengths of up to two hours. This basic functionality provides the quickest way to get a snapshot o...Download   $ Free    Aviation Data Systems, Inc    Android, iPhone, iPad   

12BoatUS - Boat Weather & Tides alternatives

BoatUS - Boat Weather & Tides

Join over 600,000 satisfied boaters that don't leave shore without BoatUS every time they're on the water. The FREE BoatUS app has more than 7000 four star reviews. Download today. Features include: # 24/7 towing assistance TowBoatUS is the nations largest network of on-water towers with more than 300 ports nationwide. Just tap Request A Tow to connect to our dispatch center 24/7. When you use the app to call for a tow...Download   $ Free    BoatUS    Android, iPhone, iPad   

13Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather alternatives

Windfinder Pro: Wind & Weather

Detailed wind and weather forecasts and weather information for your location. See wind, waves, tides and weather reports and current wind measurements for your own weather predictions. Easy to use with a clear user interface. FEATURES: + Detailed wind and weather forecasts for over 45,000 locations + Current wind and weather measurements in real-time from over 21,000 weather stations + Tide forecasts for high and low tides for over...Download   $ 7.99    Windfinder    Android, iPhone, iPad   

14Windy.com alternatives


Windy (also known as Windyty) is an extraordinary tool for weather forecast visualization. This fast, intuitive, detailed, and accurate weather app is trusted by professional pilots, paragliders, skydivers, kiters, surfers, boaters, fishermen, storm chasers, and weather geeks, as well as by governments, army staff and rescue teams. Whether you are tracking a tropical storm or potential severe weather, planning a trip, pursuing your fa...Download   $ Free    Windyty, SE    Android, iPhone, iPad   

15RadarOmega alternatives


Welcome to RadarOmega, the next generation weather app that takes high resolution weather data to a whole new level. RadarOmega provides the highest resolution radar data with the ability to interface with cyclonePORT and connect several types of weather sensors. RadarOmega users now have the ability to interface with the Tempest WeatherFlow weather station. Connect directly via the Tempest API or use cyclonePORT to stream your statio...Download   $ 8.99    Storm Damage Services, INC    Android, iPhone, iPad   

16iDamage-Pushed alternatives


iDamage pushes thunderstorm damage reports originating from trained spotters, emergency responders, and members of the public to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad (in native resolution). If you chase tornados, hail, or high winds for a living, or volunteer to assist your community during severe weather events, or just want to improve your situational awareness on days when storms might pop up, iDamage is the app for you. Here are its f...Download   $ 2.99    homedatasheet.com, Inc.    Android, iPhone, iPad   

17National Weather Forecast Data alternatives

National Weather Forecast Data

The fastest way to access NWS/NOAA weather data. Simply tap anywhere on the map and view NOAA's spot specific weather forecast. 7-DAY NWS/NOAA WEATHER FORECAST - Text Summary, Spot & Zone Forecast - Weather, Sky, Wind & Waves - Snow Accumulation & Probability - Severe Weather Hazards NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE DISCUSSION - Weather Synopsis - Short Term Forecast - Long Term Forecast - Severe Weather Forecast - Aviation...Download   $ Free    LW Brands, LLC    Android, iPhone, iPad   

18Wind Compass alternatives

Wind Compass

Ever needed to know what the current wind speed and direction is where you are at? Want to know how windy it is outside without having to run out there and throw some grass in the air? Looking to find out when the sunrises and what time to step outside for the perfect sunset? Now you can with the Wind Compass! Wind Compass gets your current location and then updates the current weather conditions based on that location. No fuss, no c...Download   $ Free    WeatherSphere    Android, iPhone, iPad   

19Tides Near Me - No Ads alternatives

Tides Near Me - No Ads

Get tides and currents near you, fast. Tides Near Me focuses on nearby tide stations and current tidal conditions. Quickly learn the time of the last and next tide and current, as well as when the sun and moon will rise or set. Fully automated tide tables, charts, and predictions. There are no ads and no ongoing payments required for up-to-date tidal information on over 5,500 tidal stations in the US, UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Nor...Download   $ 2.99    Shelter Island Mapping Company, LLC    Android, iPhone, iPad   

20AeroWeather Pro alternatives

AeroWeather Pro

*** AeroWeather: for pilots, aviation enthusiasts, and everyone who is serious about the weather! *** Current and precise weather conditions (METAR) and forecasts (TAF). AeroWeather Pro provides quick and intuitive access to METAR and TAF for airports worldwide. Data can be shown in its original (raw) format or as fully decoded and easy understandable texts. AeroWeather Pro is helpful for weather preflight-briefings, but also to just g...Download   $ 3.99    Lakehorn AG    Android, iPhone, iPad   

21Windy.app - wind & weather alternatives

Windy.app - wind & weather

windy.app - wind, waves and weather forecast app for surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers, sailors, fishermen and other wind sports. FEATURES: Wind report, forecast and statistics: wind map, accurate wind compass, wind meter, wind gusts and wind directions. Its very useful for extreme wind sports. Wind alert: Set up windalert and be aware of wind, storm and tornado warning via push-notifications Weather history (archive...Download   $ Free    Windy Weather World Inc    Android, iPhone, iPad   

22Real Thermometer alternatives

Real Thermometer

Do you still worry about not knowing the temperature index? This application can instantly turn your phone into a fine thermometer! Let you keep abreast of the ambient temperature, feels like and real-time weather conditions! ==Features== -Simple interface, vivid images -Default GPS positioning the current location, but also manually select the other regions to see the weather and temperature -Automatically show the whole day temperatur...Download   $ Free    cong qi    Android, iPhone, iPad   

23Weather ٞ alternatives

Weather ٞ

Simple & accessible weather app, with accurate forecasts by hour, day, and week. FREE IN WEATHER Detailed Hourly Weather Forecast for 10 Days Real-life Precipitation Radar: Rain, Snow, Drizzle, Hail Sunrise & Sunset times UV-Index Unlimited Amount of Saved Locations Wind direction & Speed details Details: Humidity, Precipitation, Pressure and Visibility Feels like temperature Supports Split View & Da...Download   $ Free    Impala Studios    Android, iPhone, iPad   

24HF Weather Fax alternatives

HF Weather Fax

Do you want to get your weather charts without using an internet connection or a dedicated computer? HF Weather Fax lets you receive marine weather radiofascimile transmissions, using the audio from your HF marine radio. Just set it next to the radio's speaker or headphones, tune in a weather fax frequency, and watch the images come in. The app can also receive audio from Bluetooth audio devices. HF Weather Fax is perfect for mariners...Download   $ 4.99    Black Cat Systems    Android, iPhone, iPad   

25My Tide Times Pro - Tide Chart alternatives

My Tide Times Pro - Tide Chart

My Tide Times Pro is the only tide times application you'll ever need. Whether you're surfing, fishing or just going to the beach you'll be able to use it to get quick and easy access to the times. We think it's the most beautiful tide times application on the market to date. FEATURES - Supports over 9,000 tidal stations across over 40 countries (including the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand)! - Fi...Download   $ 1.99    JRustonApps B.V.    Android, iPhone, iPad   

26Golden Hour One alternatives

Golden Hour One

Featured by Apple on Apps that we love, from FStooper he got "seal of approval", selected by NoFilmSchool.com as "Coolest Filmmaking Gadget of 2016". GoldenHour.One helps you to find the best time, place and weather for your outdoor pictures. GoldenHour.one knows in advance your chance for a good photo. It can predict the light, sky and moon indexes from local weather forecast anywhere in the world. = Exceptional Features = ...Download   $ 3.99    Michal Kus    Android, iPhone, iPad   

27Windandtides alternatives


San Francisco Sailing Weather • NOAA weather forecast for San Francisco Bay • Tides and currents at the Golden Gate Bridge (tide books use Mile Rock, we use NOAA at the Golden Gate!!) • Golden Gate bridge wind measurements • Angel Island wind measurementsDownload   $ 0.99    Two Bit Labs    Android, iPhone, iPad   

28Doppler Radar Map Live alternatives

Doppler Radar Map Live

Introducing Doppler Radar Map Live - a complete rain radar and weather forecast app with severe weather warnings. User friendly and beautifully designed, this is the only weather app you need. Plan ahead with real-time weather images and precise and informative forecasts. Features include: - Interactive radar map shows all precipitation types (rain, snow, hail etc.) - Shows radar and weather forecast in all locations around the worl...Download   $ Free    Voros Innovation    Android, iPhone, iPad   

29Boating Weather alternatives

Boating Weather

Need to know what the marine forecast is before you go boating or during your boating trip? The Boating Weather App for iPhone and iPod Touch is the answer. This intuitive app will show you the wind speed, surf and wave height for your coastal zone in the United States. Marine weather data is provided by the National Weather Service (NOAA). Features: - One touch National Weather Service forecast for today, tonight and this week. - S...Download   $ 1.99    Blue Whale Apps Inc    Android, iPhone, iPad   

30SatSquatch alternatives


WARNING: SatSquatch will use large amounts of data, especially when animating loops. WiFi or unlimited data plan is recommended for heavy use. SatSquatch is a tool designed for weather professionals and enthusiasts looking to display imagery from the GOES weather satellites (GOES-16 & GOES-17) in a user-friendly and responsive interface. The base version of SatSquatch allows access to all available base satellite layers (full list bel...Download   $ 4.99    WxByte LLC    Android, iPhone, iPad   

31Living Earth - Clock & Weather alternatives

Living Earth - Clock & Weather

A clock and weather app unlike any you've ever seen. Living Earth presents a stunning live 3D simulation of our planet with weather, forecasts and world clock for cities around the world. View global cloud patterns, hurricanes and tropical storms. Explore weather dynamics on our planet with real time weather maps and tropical cyclone tracking. Gaze at our planet floating amongst a universe of thousands of accurately rendered stars and g...Download   $ 4.99    Radiantlabs, LLC    Android, iPhone, iPad   

32Weather & Radar - Storm alerts alternatives

Weather & Radar - Storm alerts

Key Features of Weather & Radar: Accurate weather forecast Innovative weather, temperature and wind radar Weather alerts + storm tracker Local air quality forecasts Ski resort forecast and coastal conditions Weather, climate and environment news Weather App Be ready for all weather conditions this spring with Weather & Radars app, with accurate current weather reports and future conditions at your ...Download   $ Free    WetterOnline - Meteorologische Dienstleistungen GmbH    Android, iPhone, iPad   

33Fishing Deluxe - Best Fishing Times Calendar alternatives

Fishing Deluxe - Best Fishing Times Calendar

SALE 30% OFF! The app gives you the best fishing times for your location, so you can plan fishing trips much better! What people say: For years I've owned hundreds of dollar worth apps but not many of them are staying long in the home screen. But not this one, it's a mainstay, it's one of my most favorite app, it's a fish killer! A well designed app and a best friend for outdoorsman. How does it work? Best fishing times are calcu...Download   $ 2.99    Sergey Vdovenko    Android, iPhone, iPad   

34UV Index Widget - Worldwide alternatives

UV Index Widget - Worldwide

UV Index Widget - Worldwide brings one of the most useful pieces of weather data, the UV Index, front and center. Use this app to track your UV exposure, help plan your day outside, and avoid burning. UV Index Widget - Worldwide is a handy little app to check the current radiation level from the Sun (the UV Index), the highest UV Index forecast for today, and the forecasted UV Index for the next 7 days, anywhere on Earth. You can also ...Download   $ Free    Bjorn Jenssen    Android, iPhone, iPad   

35Hurricane Tracker alternatives

Hurricane Tracker

8 years of tracking storms on iOS! Hurricane Tracker launched in Aug 2009! Reviewed by CNN as the best Hurricane Tracking app available for iPhone GOOGLE: "cnn top hurricane app" to read the article! Hurricane Tracker is the most used & most comprehensive tracking app available on any platform. What makes Hurricane Tracker different from the others in the App Store: Receive push alerts (by region) when a new storm forms or thre...Download   $ 2.99    EZ Apps, Inc.    Android, iPhone, iPad   

36Crosswind Calculator Pro alternatives

Crosswind Calculator Pro

Fast calculation of Head/Tail and crosswind values with one handed input. Can also be used to calculate reciprocal headings/tracks. Inflight wind calculation using device location and compass data, simply enter your TAS and the instant wind will be calculated. Manual heading input can be used if the device compass is effected by the aircraft structure or other interference. Your location data isn't stored and is only used for the wi...Download   $ 0.99    Rob Barltrop    Android, iPhone, iPad   

37NOAA Weather Radio alternatives

NOAA Weather Radio

Exclusive Feature: Rewind and Replay Live NOAA broadcasts so you never miss a life saving alert! NOAA Weather Radio is a PREMIUM NOAA WEATHER application to listen to over 200+ NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards Broadcasts. Get the latest Warnings, Watches, Advisories and Forecasts and other hazards 24 hours a day 7 days a week straight from the National Weather Service. In addition NOAA Weather Radio can ALERT you to potentially life th...Download   $ 4.99    Christopher Coudriet    Android, iPhone, iPad   

38Florida Boating Weather alternatives

Florida Boating Weather

** The fastest way to access NOAA Marine Weather Reports in Florida** * 5-day National Weather Service marine forecast - Text summary, spot specific forecast - Weather, sky, wind, waves * 7-day tide forecast - Hourly tides - Interactive graphs Simply tap anywhere on the map and view NOAA's spot specific point & zone marine and tide forecast. It's so simple and fast to use, that there is no need for saving favorites. Howe...Download   $ 1.99    LW Brands, LLC    Android, iPhone, iPad   

39AccuWeather: Weather Alerts alternatives

AccuWeather: Weather Alerts

AccuWeathers trusted free weather forecast app is at your fingertips Internationally recognized by the World Meteorological Organization with awards making AccuWeather one of the best weather apps: Best User Interface and Data Representation Best Weather Warnings Best Design and Presentation of Information, User-Friendliness; Access and Customization Weather Forecasts You Can Depend On - Live weather forecasts...Download   $ Free    AccuWeather International, Inc.    Android, iPhone, iPad   

40WeatherFX alternatives


WeatherFX is an app that is helpful to people who either work or play outdoors. Features: Current International Weather Conditions Up to 5 days of forecast data Map with your location and closest weather station Heat Flag Condition Fluid Consumption and work Rest Ratios Manual and Random Estimations Spanish, French, Portuguese and Dutch Languages Locale Support for time and measurements The app can ...Download   $ 0.99    Antikytherus    Android, iPhone, iPad