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CompareMe Price Comparison Alternatives

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🧐 What is compareme price comparison and How does it work?

CompareMe helps you to save money by comparison shopping. Compare products in different sizes in different packs. The comparison calculator shows the percentage discount and premium directly. You even get the info how much you’ll save or pay more in cash. You now even get the unit prices of the two products you compare on the detail screen. So don’t forget CompareMe when you shop online, offline or where ever you need to decide whether the price is right ;-) CompareMe is the perfect companion for price conscious shopping, price negotiations, bargaining, checking the cheapest and much more. COMPARE AND CONVERT This utility application compares and converts prices of products with many different package sizes, volumes, and lengths. Discounts and premiums are calculated and displayed directly or can be set by the user. OPTIMIZED USER INTERFACE You can set prices, amounts or discounts really fast with the optimized number keyboard. Selecting the right unit with the unit-picker is simple, too. Converting prices and transferring package sizes by drag-and-drop turns CompareMe into a powerful but a more than easy to use mobile app. Check out the video walkthrough of CompareMe at the codedifferent website. WHO NEEDS COMPAREME? - Everyone who's doing price conscious shopping when going to the grocery store, supermarket or at a DIY store. No matter whether you are searching for the bargain of the century buy to save money and buy cheap stuff or you get the best quality for the best price - CompareMe is your shopping assistant. - Everyone who's haggling when buying investment goods like cars, TV, fridge - it's easy to check sale prices and set the preferred discounts as a basis for the price negotiations. - It's also a useful business tool for purchasing agents, too. WHAT DO REVIEWERS SAY? "The entire application has been designed for speedβ€”buttons are large, text is easy to read, and color-coded results are instantly understandable." Macworld (4.5 of 5 mice) "CompareMe is a Good Calculator for Hard Economic Times" AppCraver (score 7 of 10) "One of the nice things about CompareMe, besides it simplistic style and perfect function, is the fact that everything is easy to use." Blogcritics (4 of 5 stars) Featured in the Apple & ATT print-ad-campaign "Helping you stretch your budget, one app at a time." in newspapers like USA TODAY or the New York Times and in Apple's "WHAT'S HOT" section. SUPPORTED UNITS Numbers: pieces (#), dozen (dz), thousand (k) Mass: gram (g), milligram (mg), kilogram (kg), metric ton (t), ounce (oz), pound (lb), quarter (qr US), short hundredweight (cwt US), short ton (ston), quarter (qr GB), long hundredweight (cwt GB), long ton (lton), Pfund (Pfd DE) Volume: liter (l), milliliter (ml), centiliter (cl), deciliter (dl), hectoliter (hl), cubic meter (mΒ³), cubic millimeter (mmΒ³), cubic centimeter (cmΒ³), cubic decimeter (dmΒ³), cust. fluid ounze (fl oz), quart (qt US), liquid pint (pt US), dry pint (dry pt US), liquid gallon (gal US), dry gallon (dry gal US), bushel (bu US), petrol barrel (bbl US), Imperial quart (qt GB), Imperial pint (pt GB), Imperial gallon (gal GB), bushel (bu GB), cubic inch (cin), cubic foot (cft), cubic yard (cyd). Surface: square meter (mΒ²), square millimeter (mmΒ²), square centimeter (cmΒ²), square decimeter (dmΒ²), square kilometer (kmΒ²), acre (ac US), acre (ac GB), square inch (sq in), square foot (sq ft), square yard (sq yd), are (a), hectare (ha). Length: meter (m), millimeter (mm), centimeter (cm), decimeter (dm), kilometer (km), foot (ft), inch (in), yard (yd), nautical mile (sm), statue mile (st mi). Data: bits (bit), bytes (B), Kilobyte (10^3 Byte) - kB, Megabyte (10^6 Byte) - MB, Gigabyte (10^9 Byte) - GB, Terabyte (10^12 Byte) - TB, Petabyte (10^15 Byte) - PB, Kibibyte (2^10 Byte) - KiB, Mebibyte (2^20 Byte) - MiB, Gibibyte (2^30 Byte) - GiB, Tebibyte (2^40 Byte) - TiB, Pebibyte (2^50 Byte) - PiB.

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