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Date Wheel Date Calculator Alternatives

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🧐 What is date wheel date calculator and How does it work?

Date Wheelβ„’ is an award-winning date calculator that calculates time between two dates in months, weeks, days, & business days. ● Save calculations for future reference. ● Countdown to an important date or event. If you want to try before you buy, check out our free web version at: With Date Wheelβ„’, you can: + Calculate shipping time in business days + Calculate tooling timing in weeks + Determine when to schedule your next appointment + Determine your pregnancy due date, track how far along you are, then track the age of your newborn in weeks, days, or months + Determine when a project should start, then figure out how long a project is overdue Use for both business & personal applicationsβ€” anytime you need to quickly calculate the time between two dates. DateWheel was designed by a former project manager. FEATURES ● Calculates end date, start date, or duration in REAL TIMEβ€”oldest field automatically updates. Great for tweaking dates and duration. ● Time units in months, weeks, days, & business days ● Save calculations for future reference. Flick thru saved calcs or directly select a calc. Reorder or edit. ● Use locks to to keep preferred area constant ● Enter dates & duration manually, or increment using arrow buttons ● Single arrow buttons increment/decrement by one day, double arrows by one week for easy changes to original entries ● Use Today checkbox to go quickly to today's date or to create a countdown by checking the box by the start date. Field updates daily to count down to an event. ● Use the Today checkbox in the end date to daily track how long a task is taking or how old someone is. Field updates daily and increments duration. ● Intuitive user interface, fine-tuned from years of customer user feedback ● View day-of-the-week for start & end dates ● Financial (30 day) months with three decimal places ● Support for VoiceOver ● Backup on iTunes or iCloud Backup ● Also supports iPhone 6 and 6+ APPLICATIONS + Project Planning + Program Management + Lead Time estimating + Countdown days before important events, such as wedding, vacation or other major event + Time Management + Court date & contract planning + Financial forecasting + Medical timing as in pregnancy due dates + Insurance timing, such as disability dates + Commonly used in Automotive, Construction, Real Estate, Insurance, & Medical Industries + Track when shipments are due to arrive + Project when events are expected to start + Calculate how long something is overdue + Figure out when to schedule your next haircut + Count down the days until your next paycheck + Find the day of the week for any past, present, or future date + Calculate the Julian date of any day by setting start date to 12/31 TESTIMONIALS "I've tried several date calculators and keep coming back to Date Wheel. It has the best user interface."-DM "I LOVE [Date Wheel] and rely on it as an attorney to circumvent going beyond any due dates."-Jason A "I...recommend it to anyone working with schedules on a [mobile]. Date Wheel is the most critical and utilized application on my [mobile]."-MJL "One of my favourite programs and I find it mighty useful."-Sammy McLoughlin, PalmAddict "...the best date calculator around"-Joel "Deceptively simple yet precise program"-Kevin Agot "...A useful tool for project planning, time management, estimating lead times, (to) count down to an important event, estimate shipping and arrival times, determine the exact age of a relative or friend...Ever try to calculate these kinds of things in your head or using a calendar?"-Handheld Computing -------------- Also by Creative Algorithms: - Trip Bossβ„’ travel manager, available in 4 editions - Serving Sizerβ„’ recipe manager, available in 2 editions for iPhone, one for iPad --------------

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40 Best Business Apps like Date Wheel date calculator πŸ”₯ Top Picks for 2023

A guide to the best alternatives for date wheel date calculator. What are the top business apps like date wheel date calculator for 2023? Find popular business like date wheel date calculator. Below are the most similar business apps we found. Discover the top 40 competitors to date wheel date calculator.

Date Wheel date calculator Alternatives and Similar Apps
NoApp Name
1Mycontact ID
2Scanner App. Scan PDF Document
3Indeed Job Search
4Paylocity Mobile
7Google Chat
8Cvent Events
9FAX from iPhone - Send Fax App
10Paychex Flex
11Amazon Flex
12Gamma Ray Calculator
14Okta Verify
15Microsoft Teams
16FTPManager Pro
17QuickBooks Accounting
19Meta Business Suite
20Fiverr - Freelance Services
21Staples Connect
22Zoom - One Platform to Connect
23ADP Mobile Solutions
24SAP Concur
25Express Invoice Pro 2022
28FTP Client Pro
29ITI Calc
30Easy Hours
31Draft Beer Profit Calculator
32Radar Analysis Toolbox
34Amazon Seller
35SketchCut PRO
36WhatsApp Business
37OilField HandyCalc
38Homebase Employee Scheduling
40Awesome Voice Recorder PRO AVR