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Digit-Eyes Alternatives

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🧐 What is digit-eyes and How does it work?

Best. Barcode. Reader. Ever! Scan UPC / EAN codes and hear the names of over 37 million products! Make your own QR code labels on the Digit-Eyes website and print them on inexpensive address labels. These barcoded labels may contain text that VoiceOver reads aloud or they can be used to record audio on your iPhone or iPad that is played back whenever the bar code is scanned. Blind? Dyslexic? Having problems reading? Digit-Eyes is for you! With Digit-Eyes, you can - Record your own labels. Visit the Digit-Eyes web site to print specially coded quick-response (QR) digital code labels, apply one to your calendar or a box of leftovers, scan, and record a message. To listen to the recording, just rescan the label. This is how Nancy keeps track of her appointments; how Jeanette labels her canning and how Randy keeps the fridge clean. - Make text-based labels. Visit the Digit-Eyes web site to type up to 250 characters per label, print the specially coded quick-response (QR) barcodes on address labels on your local printer and apply them to your file folders or CDs. To listen to the text, scan it with the Digit-Eyes application on any iPhone or iPad. This is how Will’s secretary labels his folders and how Ana snoops through her friends’ CD collection. - Buy pre-printed washable labels. Sew them into your clothing and record whatever you want to about the garment: color, fabric care or what it should be worn with. Even when the labels have been washed, bleached, sent through the dryer or dry-cleaned, you’ll still be able to scan them with the Digit-Eyes app on your iPhone or iPad and hear what you recorded about the garment. This is how Davey makes sure he is wearing matching clothing and how Elizabeth can easily sort the laundry. - Use the manufacturer's product code to find out what the item is. Digit-Eyes includes a feature that enables you to identify many groceries, CDs, and other consumer goods by scanning the UPC and EAN codes on the products. Just point the camera of your iPhone, Pad or iPod Touch 5g at a package label, scan the code, and wait for Digit-Eyes to call our database and tell you what the item is. This is how Deborah picks out her yarn, how Kevin finds the beef stew, and how both get ready to record their audio labels. - Read standard inventory tags in code 39 or code 128 format. This is how Michael knows which printer is which at work and how Ben does the shelf stocking in his store. - Print labels directly from your iPhone on your Bluetooth-connected printer; - Create and read QR vCard format business card information and add the content to your contacts. This is how Digital Miracles gets information from customers at conferences and how we share our own contact information; - Create lists of code that you've scanned; edit them, type additional information and share them with others. This is how Robbie notes what items are getting used up and tells Gary what to buy at the store; - Use Digit-Eyes with any blue-tooth connected laser scanner, integrated as a single unit. This is how John is able to work at a grocery store reading the shelf tags to find where to stock the product. Use of the free Digit-Eyes website comes with the product. The website contains extensive tutorial material designed for users of the iPhone and iPad who are not sighted. The product purchase also includes free online support and tutoring. Digit-Eyes is available in English, Danish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish. Digit-Eyes www.Digit-Eyes.com The solution is in your hands.

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40 Best Shopping Apps like Digit-Eyes πŸ”₯ Top Picks for 2024

A guide to the best alternatives for digit-eyes. What are the top shopping apps like digit-eyes for 2024? Find popular shopping like digit-eyes. Below are the most similar shopping apps we found. Discover the top 40 competitors to digit-eyes.

Digit-Eyes Alternatives and Similar Apps
NoApp Name
1CompareMe Price Comparison
2SMS Smileys Emoji Sticker PRO
5Afterpay - Buy Now, Pay Later
6Smart Closet - Your Stylist
7Easy Shopping List
8Autoparts for Toyota
9Circle K
10Adult Emojis Icons Pro - Naughty Emoji Faces Stickers Keyboard Emoticons for Texting
11Fashion Nova
12Image Resizer Pro - image crop
15Penny Finder
16Baby Name Assistant
18AliExpress Shopping App
19Hyundai Car Parts - ETK Parts Diagrams
20Thread Tracker 117
21Toyota, Lexus Car Parts
22Talking Emoji Pro for Texting
23Meme Maker
25Minifigures Tracker
27Green Code-Receive SMS online
28OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Letgo.
31Tattoo You Premium - Use your camera to get a tattoo
32Flip or Drip
333D Emoji Characters Stickers
34Stamp Collecting - A Price Guide For Stamp Values
36Emoji 3 PRO - Color Messages - New Emojis Emojis Sticker for SMS, Facebook, Twitter
37Pressed Coins 4 WDW
38Dollar General
39My Cards Pro - Wallet
40Unofficial Minifigure Catalog