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Math Fact Master Alternatives

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🧐 What is math fact master and How does it work?

Quotes from recent reviews: β€’ "I am a teacher. I love this app! You thought of everything and put it in simple form..." β€’ "As a teacher & parent, I think this is the Best Math Fact App yet. It has all 4 operations and allows you to choose exactly which #'s to drill" β€’ β€œI have purchased many math apps for my 3rd grader and this is the one!!! It has everything I have been looking for. " β€’ "...This is well worth the $0.99 which is cheaper than a single pack of flashcards..." This app's core concept was to create a flexible solution that a grade school child can easily navigate and that is robust enough to grow with your child as they grow their math knowledge. Overview – β€’ FLASHCARD mode (practice) – Allows children to practice specific number sets and operators in the proven learning style of flashcards. Watch the flashcards flip like real flashcards! β€’ CHALLENGE mode (exam) – Lets children test what they have learned by having to type in the answer β€’ SIMPLE and FLEXIBLE – β€Ί Simple enough for your child to set and use β€Ί Flexible - Choose ANY combination of operators and number sets β€’ PROFILES - Add unlimited number of profiles to monitor each child's progress β€’ PROGRESS REPORTS! - Flexible reporting allows you to filter on numerous items to see your child's progress. β€Ί EMAIL Progress Reports - Ability to send your results to teachers, parents, or whoever! (Note: An active email account must be setup on the device to use this feature.) β€’ ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, MULTIPLICATION, DIVISION β€’ NUMBER SETS - We designed the app to start at a beginner’s level, but the difficulty can be increased by changing the settings. When working on the number sets with the default settings you will only be adding 0-9 to the selected number set or multiplying each number set by 0-9. (with corresponding subtraction and division problems) In settings, you can change the range from 0-9, to 0-12, 0-15, or 0-20. β€’ SETTINGS menu - β€Ί Settings are customizable for each profile. β€Ί Ability to change the range of numbers from 0-9, to 0-12, 0-15, or 0-20. β€Ί Ability to select the number of problems to work in Challenge mode β€Ί Ability to set whether missed problems are repeated β€Ί Ability to display a timer in Challenge mode β€’ RESULTS menu – Results screen displays after completing a set: β€Ί Summary by operator and number set shows the number of items answered right and wrong β€Ί Detailed listing of any actual problems missed - Note: When the problems missed are listed, they are shown with what the correct answer should be, not with the incorrect answer typed by the user. This way the user can study the solutions and try to do better next time. β€Ί Timed results – Gauge your child's aptitude by reviewing the time to complete a number set. Encourage your child to β€œbeat their time". **If you like "Math Fact Master", check out our fun math facts games: β€Ί Star Math β€Ί Mathopolis: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division

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40 Best Education Apps like Math Fact Master πŸ”₯ Top Picks for 2023

A guide to the best alternatives for math fact master. What are the top education apps like math fact master for 2023? Find popular education like math fact master. Below are the most similar education apps we found. Discover the top 40 competitors to math fact master.

Math Fact Master Alternatives and Similar Apps
NoApp Name
1Solvely-AI math solver
3PDG PROmote 2023-2025
4TLC Practice Exam
5Gauthmath - AI Homework Helper
6Toca Mystery House
8Lingokids - Play and Learn
9Phonograms by SEI
10TX Real Estate Exam Flashcards
11Prepware Remote Pilot
13Teach Your Monster to Read
14BigFuture School
15Elmo Loves ABCs
16Monkey Preschool Lunchbox
17Chegg Study - Homework Helper
18Babbel - Language Learning
19Endless Alphabet
20Toca Boo
21ABA Wizard
22Socratic by Google
23Elevate - Brain Training Games
24The Observant Mom
26Nerd AI - Homework Helper
28PowerSchool Mobile
29GENKI Kanji for 3rd Ed.
30Quizard AI - Scan and Solve
31Toca Hair Salon 3
32Simply Guitar - Learn Guitar
33Answer.AI - Your AI tutor
34American Mensa Brain Test
35California Firearms Test
36Toca Boca Jr Hair Salon 4
37CE5 Contact
38Graphing Calculator Plus
39Toca Boca Jr
40Wild Kratts Rescue Run