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AV Buddy Alternatives

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🧐 What is av buddy and How does it work?

AV Buddy is the essential tool for all working in the Audio Visual and I.T industry. Version 9 takes advantage of AR capabilities, helping AV sales to correctly specify the correct display size and help the client to visualise their next AV install. -AR Displays Using AR, place displays or projector screens into a clients location. Multiple displays can be placed around an environment. The display sizes range from 43" - 98" and the projection screens from 119"-235". Position the displays to accurately determine the correct size and change the displays image to represent a general image type, a detailed image type and an inspection image type. The tool allows you to take a screen-shot, allowing you to record the size and position. Great for AV sales or anyone wanting to determine what their next display size should be. -Elevation Tool The tool will plot a single display elevation, with outlet points, call-out boxes, AFFL and conduit. Select from built-in displays with dimensions or plot a custom display with up to 4 outlets. The elevation is automatically saved and can be converted to pdf to be printed or shared. -AV Buddy Jobs A job board is now included. Search through AV/IT vacancies or post your own job vacancy in avbuddyjobs.com AV Buddy's contents are separated into 5 parts: -Main -Calculators -Tools -Jobs -Glossary -Main- In the main section, you will find connector pin-outs, termination videos, speaker wiring, audio interconnects, polar patterns and cable guides. The connector pin-outs include BNC, RCA, DVI, F-Connector, HDMI, Mini-Din, VGA, Display port, TS & TRS, XLR, Speakon, Captive, RJ45, DB9, USB and DMX512. Each pin-out includes a 3D interactive model, description and pinout. Termination videos are available for BNC Crimp, BNC Compression, RCA video, F-Connector, VGA, TRS, XLR and RJ45. Speaker wring includes diagrams and descriptions for Parallel, Series and Series-Parallel. Audio interconnects includes 22 popular audio interconnects. All diagrams have been drawn in 3D to deliver a realistic representation of the connectors. 7 polar patterns are included with a description and diagrams. The Cable Guide includes ethernet cabling, coax and audio cabling. Select from a list to read a description and view a diagram of the cable. The ethernet selection includes UUTP, FUTP, SUTP, SFFTP, UFTP, FFTP, SFTP and SFFTP. The coax selection includes RG6, RG8, RG58, RG59 and RG11. The audio selection includes 1 Core shield, 2 core unshielded and 2 core shield. -Calculators 30 AV calculators are available. The list of all calculators are below: -Throw Distance (Units used can be changed e.g Meters, Centimetres, Inches and Feet) -Lumens Required (Units can be changed) -ADM -BDM (Farthest Viewer) -BDM (Min image height) -BDM (Min % element height) -Image Height (Units can be changed) -Viewer Text (Units can be changed) -Diagonal (Units can be changed) -Farthest Viewer(Units can be changed) -Width Height Ratio -Series (Same impedance) -Series (Different impedance) -Parallel (Same impedance) -Parallel (Different impedance) -dB Volt -SPL at distance -PAG/NAG -Unit Converter (Area, Energy, Illumination, Length, Temperature, Mass) -Ohms law (Power, Voltage, Current and Resistance) -Heat load (Btu) -Rack Units (Calculate qty of RU or length) -Resistor value ( 4, 5 and 6 bands) -Voltage Divider (Calculate output voltage using resistors) -Tools The tools section consists of 6 tools to help with selling, delivering a project or testing. -AR display tool (Place displays in an environment using Augmented reality. -Test Pattern (Send a test pattern to a display, 13 patterns are included) -Audio testing (Select from 12 audio files) -Tone Generator (Generate a frequency) -Elevation (plot a display elevation) -SPL (Detect dB) -Glossary Select an AV/IT term and view its description.

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