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GoodEar Pro - Ear Training Alternatives

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🧐 What is goodear pro - ear training and How does it work?

>>>>> EAR TRAINING FOR BEGINNERS TO PROS <<<<< Professional musicians know, that having a good trained ear is one of the most important skills, a musician should have. goodEar was made to increase those skills and bring you on a new musical level! It is made for all musicians, whether you are beginner or professional. Functions: • Choose from four different modes: intervals, chords, scales, melodies Intervals: • Choose from all intervals between 2 octaves • Activate "backing chord" to hear the interval in harmonic context • Play them ascending, descending, or simultaneously Chords: • All possible triads and inversions • All possible 4-note-chords (e.g. Cm7) • 20 different extended/altered chords (e.g. D7b9b13 or Emaj7#11) Scales: • 38 different scales • All ionian scales (e.g. ionian, dorian...) • All harmonic-minor scales (e.g. Ionian #5) • All melodic-minor scales (e.g. Mixo #11) • 5 Pentatonic Scales (e.g. minor pentatonic) • 5 Hexatonic Scales (e.g. whole tone scale) • 7 Octatonic Scales (e.g. Bebop Dominant) • play them ascending or descending Melodies: • Identify random generated melodies • You can make them diatonic, or non diatonic • Choose the intervals, that you want to be included in the melody • Activate "backing chord" to hear the melody in harmonic context • Create your own exercises, depending on your personal approach. (No annoying wizards)! • Play the exercises on piano or give the answer with multiple-choice • Watch your progress in statistics • Make highscores, and try to challenge yourself goodEar was made with the knowledge of various professional musicians and teachers, for giving you high quality music education on the iPad.

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