Anxiety Release based on EMDR AlternativesWritten by Trauma And Pain Management Services Pty Ltd

Anxiety Release Based On EMDR Alternatives

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🧐 What is anxiety release based on emdr and How does it work?

Anxiety Release shows you how to release anxious thoughts and feelings naturally, by harnessing the power of your brain. It does this by combining guided instructions and focused attention with bilateral brain stimulation. Bilateral stimulation is a treatment element of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), a revolutionary treatment which is based on the use of sensory stimulation to alter anxiety-provoking memories and responses. Over 30 randomized controlled studies of EMDR attest to the efficacy of this process. Because bilateral stimulation appeals to the unconscious, sensing part of the brain, there is no need for effortful thinking or struggling with feelings. All you have to do is LISTEN and your brain will do the rest! The App consists of; 1 x brain training session 2 x guided anxiety management sessions 1 x pure bilateral stimulation session (audio & visual) 1 x safe place exercise Progress Log function Powerful Bls brain visual This App is suitable for both clinicians and clients Caution: Persons suffering with complex PTSD or mental health problems, multiple psychological trauma or unstable neurological conditions (eg; epilepsy) should not use this product without medical supervision.

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