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IFart - Fart Sounds App Alternatives

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๐Ÿง What is ifart - fart sounds app and How does it work?

Youโ€™ve discovered the Original and World Famous iFartยฎ App. An Apple All-Time TOP 20 App. The definitive Fart Sounds app on iTunes. ---------------------------------- Featured on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Today Show and many others, iFartยฎ is considered the most infamous app of all time. Also seen in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, MSNBC.com, MacDailyNews, MacForums, The New York Times, Barron's, Motley Fool, Gizmodo, Venture Beat, Ars Technica, CNET News, Geek.com, Forbes, The UK Register, Information Week, TechCrunch.com and dozens of publications all over the world! ---------------------------------- iFartยฎ took the app world by storm in 2008. It blasted to #1 on Christmas Day of that year and clinged to number one for weeks. It continued to linger in the Top Ten for over a year! We canโ€™t even tell you how much time it spent farting around at #2. The App has been completely recoded and rebuilt for 2021. Here are just a few of the useful, signature features of iFartยฎ. * SECURITY FART * Phones and pdas are stolen on a daily basis, but if you are using iFart's advanced security system you can stop criminals right in their tracks. And when thieves try to snatch your phone, they'll be in for a shock when they're blasted by your chosen sound effect. Most criminals know how to lie, but "it wasn't me" isn't going to work with iFart. Call the authorities and send these phone stealing scumbags off to the gas chamber. * SNEAK ATTACK * The sneak attack function can literally save your life. Let's say that you're in a warehouse gun battle. Bad guys are closing in on you, but if you only had a distraction, you could escape. Sneak Attack is that distraction. Simply pull out your phone, choose a sound effect and set the timer up to 30 seconds. Then place your phone in a strategic location and move silently away. When the Sneak Attack goes off, slip away or take out the bad guys when they reach for their noses. * RECORD-A-FART * There are special moments in life that just have to be captured on your phone to be believed. The birth of a child, a stunning sunset, bigfoot, and of course, the after effects of a triple burrito lunch. Using iFartโ€™s "Record-A-Fart" feature you can now make audible memories for a lifetime and play them for friends and family. Plastic wrap optional. * FAVE FARTS * Using our FAVES feature you can create a playlist of your fave farts for easy access. You can also record and rename multiple farts which are stored in the FAVES list. * BLAST * If only there was an internationally recognized sound that alleviates stress, brings laughter, lowers blood pressure, clears a room, helps bring peace to the middle east and is enjoyed by both Democrats and Republicans. Well Folks... just hit the BLAST button and let the healing begin. * BONUS FART PACKS* iFart includes EIGHT of our funniest Fart Packs, each pack contains up to 10 fresh cuts for your enjoyment. * Jurassic - Ever wonder what a Dinosaur fart sounds like?. * Presidential - Joe, Kamala, Bernie, Hillary, & Donald let em rip! * Fart Wars - May the Flatulence Be With You * Movies - In a world without gasโ€ฆ this is a land that prays for a hero. * Bands - The bands on the runs with these farts. * Food - You can't have dessert until you play all these farts. * Shart Toppers - Music Parody Rips * Celebrities - Sorry Kanye, you didn't make the cuts. Hey, you read this far! We've added a bonus fart to our wheel called "Fart-O-Rater". Make sure you play it and while you're laughing leave us a review and let us know your what your favorite fart or fart pack is today!

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A guide to the best alternatives for ifart - fart sounds app. What are the top entertainment apps like ifart - fart sounds app for 2024? Find popular entertainment like ifart - fart sounds app. Below are the most similar entertainment apps we found. Discover the top 40 competitors to ifart - fart sounds app.

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