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Fresh Free Apps We Found Alternatives to This Week

McKnightAgent ONE Alternatives

McKnightAgent ONE Free Alternatives

McKnightAgent ONE is a city/county specific closing cost app that comes preloaded with calculations and closing costs for Real Estate professionals. Generate quick and profess...

Min Bahadur Sherchan Stores Alternatives

Min Bahadur Sherchan Stores Free Alternatives

Introducing Min Bahadur Sherchan Stores App: The ultimate solution for streamlining the order management process for SMBs. Simplify your business operations with a user-frien...

Beu App Alternatives

Beu App Free Alternatives

Beu is a cutting-edge, all-in-one mobility app designed to revolutionize the way you travel, making your daily commutes and transportation needs seamless, efficient, and enjoy...

ADEYA SSI Wallet Alternatives

ADEYA SSI Wallet Free Alternatives

ADEYA is a state of art SSI-based mobile wallet app, which stores user credentials securely using advanced cryptography. It is built using standards defined as per the Hyperle...

Chef4Me - Vendors Alternatives

Chef4Me - Vendors Free Alternatives

Connect with customers in your Locality Chefs: Chef4me enables chefs to connect with customers located near their desired location. Reducing the risk of booking cancellation, ...

Padel Art Alternatives

Padel Art Free Alternatives

At Padel Art Club, we're always striving to enhance your experience. This app is our latest initiative aimed at leveling up our services. We're confident you'll enjoy the conv...

Prepnotch Alternatives

Prepnotch Free Alternatives

Get Personalized Learning Outcomes for everyone. An in-depth performance analysis, where you can know your strong and weak points, your all India rank, your state rank etc. Yo...

Creep INN Alternatives

Creep INN Free Alternatives

The Creep Inn Family is the place to be if youre looking for your first or hundredth exotic pet. This app lets you make your wishlist, and fullfill it with new exclusive in...

Operational Amplifiers Guide Alternatives

Operational Amplifiers Guide Free Alternatives

This is an application for the design and calculation of electronic circuits using operational amplifiers. The application contains the following guides and calculators: Ampl...

BOT 6th-8th Grade Mathematics Alternatives

BOT 6th-8th Grade Mathematics Free Alternatives

Get ahead of the game and on your way to being a champion! Best of Texas Contest's 6th-8th Grade Mathematics app helps you learn current news facts for the Texas UIL High Scho...

My Wear App Alternatives

My Wear App Free Alternatives

My Wear is the best place to get clothes. Press to Dress!

BritSTAR Lab Alternatives

BritSTAR Lab Free Alternatives

This app securely and privately delivers electronic Laboratory and Ultrasound test results to Doctors, Patients, and Healthcare facilities. This app reduces the need for paper...

MQAir Alternatives

MQAir Free Alternatives

MQAir la versione evoluta ed aggiornata dell'app che permette il controllo completo dei sistemi di condizionamento che utilizzano la Zeldha. Attraverso l'app, sar possibi...

Porgold Alternatives

Porgold Free Alternatives

Uygulamamz sayesinde, * Sitemizdeki rnlere gz atp inceleyebilirsiniz * Beendiiniz rnleri sepetinize ekleyebilirsiniz * Site ii arama yapabilirsiniz * r...

Go Trucking Alternatives

Go Trucking Free Alternatives

Say goodbye to logistics mishaps and step into the future of dependable, prompt services with Go-Trucking - Logistic Management Software. Our user-friendly Mobile App and stre...

NCERT Books for 2023-24 Alternatives

NCERT Books for 2023-24 Free Alternatives

Get here the NCERT Solutions of NCERT Books published for academic session 2023-24 based on new curriculum. NCERT solutions of rationalised NCERT books are given in Hindi and ...

iDo - ToDo Alternatives

IDo - ToDo Free Alternatives

Welcome to iDo - your trusted partner in everyday organisation and goal achievement! iDo is a modern task management app that will help you plan your day with ease, be more pr...

Balegariw Alternatives

Balegariw Free Alternatives

Get Ready and Download our app from your smartphone to order any service from a nearby Operators, and enjoy professional service at affordable rates from the comfort of your h...

Escrow Manager Alternatives

Escrow Manager Free Alternatives

Do you have an escrow or impound account to pay for your property taxes, insurance, or other bills? Do you want to know if you have enough money in your account to cover your ...

Gum Race 3D Alternatives

Gum Race 3D Free Alternatives

Collect chewing gums, create baloon and fly over traps and finish the race!

MeterLAB Alternatives

MeterLAB Free Alternatives

"MeterLAB can control functions like recording, reading, deleting through Bluetooth connection, and draw up the curve of parameters like temperature, humidity, wet bulb so t...

Merkez Dijital Akademi Alternatives

Merkez Dijital Akademi Free Alternatives

Milli Eitim Bakanl Talim Terbiye Kurulu tarafndan belirlenen konu ve kazanmlarla eletirilmi, ders programlar ile uyumlu soru havuzumuzdan yararlanarak dene...

Kliky AI Alternatives

Kliky AI Free Alternatives

Elevate your artistic expression to new heights with Kliky AI, the innovative app that fuses AI technology with your creative genius. Discover the perfect blend of human ingen...

MyTitleCompanyApp ONE Alternatives

MyTitleCompanyApp ONE Free Alternatives

MyTitleCompanyApp ONE is a city/county specific closing cost app that comes preloaded with calculations and closing costs for Real Estate professionals. Generate quick and pro...

Agriculture Toolbox Alternatives

Agriculture Toolbox Free Alternatives

Agriculture Toolbox is an innovative portable spectroscopic instrument designed to provide efficient and accurate solutions for soil analysis and crop nutrient management in t...

BOT High School Mathematics Alternatives

BOT High School Mathematics Free Alternatives

Get ahead of the game and on your way to being a champion! Best of Texas Contest's Mathematics app helps you learn current news facts for the Texas UIL High School Mathematics...

Landlord Edge Tool Alternatives

Landlord Edge Tool Free Alternatives

Easily understand rental status, real-time view of operations One-click rent collection to generate monthly rent information Provide monthly rent collection statements If y...

JHG Tuner Alternatives

JHG Tuner Free Alternatives

The JHG Tuner is a useful tool for guitar players to tune their instrument. It offers two tuning options: "Full Tune" and "Quick Tune". When using the "Full Tune" feature, yo...

PCPS Alternatives

PCPS Free Alternatives

Our mobile app is recommended to all our students, parents, teachers, staff members, and other community members. News, announcements, calendars, events, photo albums, videos...

Chef4Me Alternatives

Chef4Me Free Alternatives

Find Chefs Near You: Chef4me allows you to find skilled chefs located within your desired location. Discover a diverse range of culinary talents eager to bring their expertise...

Best Choice Usingen Alternatives

Best Choice Usingen Free Alternatives

Herzlich Willkommen bei Best Choice in Usingen. Wir bedienen unsere Kunden mit italienischen Pizzen, Salaten, Pasta Speisen und machen das seit mehreren Jahren aus...

Cyber Garage Admin Alternatives

Cyber Garage Admin Free Alternatives

Cyber Garage LLC is a provider of managed technology and software solutions for the collision repair sector. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the latest technolo...

DigX Alternatives

DigX Free Alternatives

Welcome to the future of product ownership experience! DigX app helps users to easily register the products they purchase and enjoy all the product benefits such as digital an...

JHG Guitar Coach Alternatives

JHG Guitar Coach Free Alternatives

Imagine a football or baseball coach on the sideline of a training field. Now imagine he's calling out commands at all the players on how they should train and what they shoul...

Cogniss Hub UK Alternatives

Cogniss Hub UK Free Alternatives

Cogniss Hub UK allows you to bring your ideas to life and innovate efficiently. You can access, view and interact with projects you created and the ones shared with you. Sim...

AI Puzzle Block Sliding Game Alternatives

AI Puzzle Block Sliding Game Free Alternatives

This is a simple puzzle tiling game. You move get picture totally shuffled, and you have to move the tiles to reveal the final puzzle. The images are specifically generate...

Merge Muscle Tycoon MMA Boxing Alternatives

Merge Muscle Tycoon MMA Boxing Free Alternatives

Exercise today and you will have a healthy muscular body. Welcome to Merge Muscle Tycoon MMA Boxing, the game that will help you become a muscle master a boxer, or an MMA figh...

Animal Shelter - Cat Rescue Alternatives

Animal Shelter - Cat Rescue Free Alternatives

Animal Shelter - Cat Rescue is an adorable and heartwarming simulation game that allows players to take on the role of a compassionate animal shelter owner dedicated to rescui...

The Smart Reminders App Alternatives

The Smart Reminders App Free Alternatives

The Smart Reminders App is a new reminders app with the goal of helping you. Features: - Creating reminders - Archiving and restoring reminders - Filter reminders - Search ba...

Bidit Alternatives

Bidit Free Alternatives

Participate in in-person auctions easily from your phone.

Makeover Up-DIY Style Alternatives

Makeover Up-DIY Style Free Alternatives

This fashionable facelift game offers a wide variety of clothes, accessories, and hairstyles for players to choose from Players can design unique shapes for their characters i...

Fruitilicous Alternatives

Fruitilicous Free Alternatives

Our passion, heritage, and future are rooted in helping people celebrate life's most special moments with a gift or treat that's carefully crafted to WOW. Whether it's a birth...

My Travel Badges Alternatives

My Travel Badges Free Alternatives

Turn your travel photos into a list of visited countries. Using the compute power of your device, the app scans the Photo Library to determine the countries youve visi...

Electric Smart Heater Alternatives

Electric Smart Heater Free Alternatives

Management of Electric Smart Heater ExpExperience a new level of simplicity and control with our latest thermostat release. Increase comfort while saving energy and costs. S...

Forethought Personal Alternatives

Forethought Personal Free Alternatives

Finding all the information about the people, places, and things you care about can be overwhelming for those you care about. With Forethought you can give them not only the b...

English Idiom of the Day Alternatives

English Idiom of the Day Free Alternatives

Unlock the fascinating world of idiomatic expressions with "English idioms", the must-have app for anyone looking to master the English language effortlessly. Dive into a dai...

AB Chance Alternatives

AB Chance Free Alternatives

Dive into the exciting world of gambling with our new card generator program, one card from a set of playing cards called Chance and feel the atmosphere of the game right on y...

Holy Road - Bible Alternatives

Holy Road - Bible Free Alternatives

Holy Road - Bible: Your Spiritual Companion Welcome to the Holy Road - Bible, your ultimate spiritual companion. Immerse yourself in the divine wisdom of the Holy Bible like ...

Four Wheeler MX ATV Quad Bike Alternatives

Four Wheeler MX ATV Quad Bike Free Alternatives

Show your ATV bike racing skills in the best Enduro dirt ATV bikes stunt games. Experience the thrill of off-road ATV Quad bike racing and become a competitive racer in the be...

Cyber Garage Customer Alternatives

Cyber Garage Customer Free Alternatives

THE CUSTOMER APP BRINGS A BIG PUNCH! TO THE COLLISION REPAIR INDUSTRY - Cyber Garage customer app focuses on customer service and transparency - View in process photos and v...

MAuth2.0 Alternatives

MAuth2.0 Free Alternatives

Mauth facilitates the scanning of tickets or memberships acquired via the FocusPoint 360 software. The application enables the venue to rapidly scan tickets and membe...

Chicken Idle Alternatives

Chicken Idle Free Alternatives

The chicken restaurant just for you! Make your dreams come true by selling chicken. Dynamic chicken catching and funny potato pulling will keep you entertained. Serve delici...

Butterfly Wallpapers Art Alternatives

Butterfly Wallpapers Art Free Alternatives

Butterfly Wallpapers Description: Welcome to Butterfly Wallpapers, where the captivating beauty of butterflies meets the ultimate customization experience. Immerse yourself i...

Bank of Millbrook Alternatives

Bank of Millbrook Free Alternatives

Bank of Millbrook is your personal financial advocate. Its fast, secure and makes life easier by empowering you with the tools you need to manage your finances. Heres w...

Commally Alternatives

Commally Free Alternatives

Community Ally is the mobile friendly Community Web Application designed with your community development and Progress in mind. The features being offered through its Security ...

Learn Spanish Fast - Asan Alternatives

Learn Spanish Fast - Asan Free Alternatives

Are you ready to embark on a journey of language and culture? Look no further than Asan Espaol! - Learn Spanish, your ultimate companion for mastering one of the world's mos...

Airport Security Tycoon - Idle Alternatives

Airport Security Tycoon - Idle Free Alternatives

Welcome to Idle Airport Empire Tycoon, the ultimate airport management game! Build, expand, and manage your very own airport empire and become a tycoon in the aviation industr...

Hal-Con 2023 Alternatives

Hal-Con 2023 Free Alternatives

The official event app for Hal-Con 2023! Visit for additional event information. Get more out of your event: - Full Schedule Conveniently browse the en...

Helicopter Transport Ship Simulator- Flight game Alternatives

Helicopter Transport Ship Simulator- Flight game Free Alternatives

Tired with playing those truck transporter simulator? Then try this amazingly 3D graphic designed way of transporting [Helicopter Transporter Ship] a new edition to biggest ad...

AI Spanish Grammar Checker Alternatives

AI Spanish Grammar Checker Free Alternatives

AI Spanish is a powerful Spanish grammar correction tool that can help you automatically correct grammar errors and improve your writing skills. It has multiple practical feat...

LoKation Luxury Alternatives

LoKation Luxury Free Alternatives

Reimagine your lifestyle with our LoKation Luxury app, your gateway to the opulent property market in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Colorado, South Carolina, and Texas. Our App d...

Mianbar Accounting Alternatives

Mianbar Accounting Free Alternatives

A personal accounting app that allows you to easily manage your family expenses. - The possibility of tagging - Possibility of backup - Possibility of Excel output

Cyber Garage Tech Alternatives

Cyber Garage Tech Free Alternatives

THE CYBER GARAGE: TECHNICIAN APP IS A GAME CHANGER! - Clock in & out of work from your phone - Clock in & out of Jobs while updating repair status - Send & receive messages f...

Breeze User Alternatives

Breeze User Free Alternatives

Get Ready and Download our app from your smartphone to order Taxi service from a nearby Operators, and enjoy professional service at affordable rates from the comfort of your ...

Memorize Holy Quran Alternatives

Memorize Holy Quran Free Alternatives

o"Memorize Holy Quran " app is designed mainly for Quran Memorization, but it can be used for reading and listening to Quran recitation. oDownloading Quran pages and recita...

Go Through Gates Alternatives

Go Through Gates Free Alternatives

Collect years and go through gates! Explore new worlds and gather your mates! Defeat enemies and get money!

CD Estocolmo Alternatives

CD Estocolmo Free Alternatives

Aplicacin Oficial Campo Deportivo Estocolmo, tendrs acceso a las ltimas noticias, novedades, resultados y material exclusivo. Qu encontrars en la app CD Estocolmo?...

HL. Sunglasses Alternatives

HL. Sunglasses Free Alternatives

HL. SUNGLASSES is your ultimate destination for sunglasses shopping on the go. Explore a curated collection of trendy sunglasses, from classic aviators to chic cat-eyes, all a...

Post Changer In Emoji Fonts Alternatives

Post Changer In Emoji Fonts Free Alternatives

You can DIY personalized emoji emoji to create your own emoji emoji pack. You can choose any shape and color of eyebrows, eyes and mouth on your face to form different facial...

Flappy Super Ball 3D Alternatives

Flappy Super Ball 3D Free Alternatives

Get ready for a touchdown frenzy in 'Flappy Super Ball 3D'! Tap, jump, and soar through hoops as an American football ball, collecting lower-level balls to amp up your score!...

Battle piranha Alternatives

Battle piranha Free Alternatives

Game description: Welcome to Defender Space War! This is an interesting and challenging game. In this vast universe, you drive a spaceship to travel in the starry sky. Your ...

MingKi Puzzle Widgets Alternatives

MingKi Puzzle Widgets Free Alternatives

MingKi Puzzle is a new way to create and share your tiny puzzles on home screen widgets. By leveraging interactive features of widgets, you can now play photo puzzles on the w...

Bitrankz Alternatives

Bitrankz Free Alternatives

Welcome to our app. If you encounter any problems during use, you can give us feedback. We will also try our best to do our best. With it, you can easily manage all objects. I...

JHG Fretboard Trainer Alternatives

JHG Fretboard Trainer Free Alternatives

The Fretboard Trainer is a powerful tool designed to help musicians quickly learn and familiarize themselves with every note on the fretboard of their instrument. Understandin...

myEva Alternatives

MyEva Free Alternatives

Dive into the extraordinary digital experience with Eva, the unique and captivating artificial personality. Immerse yourself in a world full of passion for everything your hea...

cricket LIVE scoring scoreblox Alternatives

Cricket LIVE scoring scoreblox Free Alternatives

Fast LIVE scoring app for cricket league matches. Login with google id/Apple ID to enter LIVE cricket scores for allocated matches. Set Toss info and batting/fielding teams S...

Phoenix POS CRM Alternatives

Phoenix POS CRM Free Alternatives

Customer Loyalty Programs: PHONIX CRM - PHONIX POS integration enables businesses to track customer purchases accurately. This data can be used to implement loyalty programs, ...

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