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CNC Machinist Calculator Pro Alternatives

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🧐 What is cnc machinist calculator pro and How does it work?

CNC Machinist Calculator Pro is a machining calculator designed for manufacturing engineers, machinists, CNC operators, tool & die makers, and at home hobbyists. CNC Machinist Calculator Pro is great for CNC programmers or machine operators who need to make quick calculations on the fly. It's also a great tool for quoting new work. Visit for more info This CNC machining calculator app includes the following features: 1. Turning Calculators for lathe operators *Cutting Speed Calculation by Material *Grooving/Cut off cycle time Calculation *Rough turn cycle time Calculation *Cutting Speed Calculations *Cutting speed to RPM conversions *Feed per rev - Feed per minute conversions 2. Milling Calculators for mill operators *Cutting Speed & Feed Calculation by Material *RPM to Cutting Speed Conversions *Feed per Minute - Feed per tooth Conversions *Radial Chip Thinning Calculation *Metal Removal rate Calculation *Milling cut time Calculation *Circle Milling Calculations - Both inner & outer *Ball Mill Cusp Height Calculation *Ball Mill Effective diameter/Chip Thinning Calculator *Thread Milling Calculations - Both inner & outer 3. Drilling Calculators *Cutting Speed Calculation by material *Cycle time calculation *Drill point Length calculation 4. Gun drilling Calculators *Cutting Speed Calculation by material *Cycle time calculation 5. Thread Calculators 6. True Position Calculators 7. Bolt Pattern Calculators 8. Surface Finish Calculators 9. Drill & Tap charts 10. Thread data for the following threads: * 60° Threads (Pitch Ø, Minor Ø, Major Ø, Helix, Lead, etc.) * NPT Threads * Acme Threads * STI Threads 11. Thread over 3 wire info (Size limits, min, max, & best wire) 12. Center drill dimensions 13. Unit converter 14. Hardness conversions 15. G-codes 16. M-codes 17. Blue Print Geometric Tolerance Descriptors - GD&T 18. SFM calculator for drilling, milling, & turning over 170 materials 19. Tap Drill Calculator for roll form & cut taps 20. Various Geometric calculators 21. Triangle Solver 22. CNC keyway calculator 23. Custom macro variables, logic, arguments, & arithmetic data 24. Machinist Forum 25. Export G-code for internal & external chamfers, tapers, & radii with tool nose comp. 26. Circle segment calculator ( arc calculator ) 27. National Pipe Thread data - NPT threads 28. Material Property Search with machinability info 29. Material Weight Calculator for over 170 materials & 10 shapes 30. Tool Wear section with images helpful info to improve tool life 31. Machinist Test with 6 categories to test your strengths & weaknesses 32. Socket Head Cap Screw hole dimensions 33. Scientific Calculator which includes: * sine (sin) * cosine (cos) * tangent (tan) * arcsine (sin-1) * arccosine (cos-1) * arctangent (tan-1) * square (x²) * cube (x³) * pi (π) * square root (√) * base 10 logarithm (log) * exponential function (ex) * natural logarithm (In). 34. Linear Thermal Expansion Calculator 35. Grinding Calculations * Plunge Grind - Q Prime, grit penetration & aggressiveness * Surface Grind - Q Prime, grit penetration & aggressiveness * Grinding Wheel Velocity * Work piece Velocity * Work piece RPM to wheel RPM ratio cylindricity error calculator * Wheel Mesh (Grit) size conversion * Equivalent wheel diameter 36. More to come... We're quickly becoming the best engineering calculator on the market Check us out at

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A guide to the best alternatives for cnc machinist calculator pro. What are the top productivity apps like cnc machinist calculator pro for 2023? Find popular productivity like cnc machinist calculator pro. Below are the most similar productivity apps we found. Discover the top 40 competitors to cnc machinist calculator pro.

CNC Machinist Calculator Pro Alternatives and Similar Apps
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