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HealthFit Alternatives

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🧐 What is healthfit and How does it work?

If you love working out with Apple Watch, but you need more advanced fitness stats, HealthFit is for you. By analyzing the workout data stored in Apple Health, HealthFit provides the kind of indispensable tracking and insights you normally only get from premium subscription services. But if you still prefer to use apps like Strava or Training Peaks, HealthFit has you covered with reliable automated background syncing. ONE FITNESS APP THAT DOES IT ALL HealthFit combines a comprehensive activity feed with insightful fitness statistics and all your essential health metrics in one beautifully designed app. So you don’t need to go hunting around in multiple apps to track your fitness progress. SYNC YOUR WORKOUTS SEAMLESSLY Syncing with platforms like Strava can be a fiddly, laborious process and the results aren’t always great. HealthFit solves this by syncing automatically in the background after every workout. So you don’t have to lift a finger, it just works. It can even sync your entire workout history. With support for more than 25 platforms (see below), HealthFit is fitness hub, keeping all your workout data in sync. WORKOUTS: THE ACTIVITY FEED YOU REALLY NEED Browse your workouts in the Activity Feed, with route maps, photos and essential stats all visible at a glance. Tap on a workout for a treasure trove of essential insights, like customizable Heart Rate Zones, Training Load and Recovery Times. You can even log which bike or shoes you use, to monitor usage and flag when it’s time to replace them. HealthFit finds photos you take during your workouts automatically, bringing your activity feed to life with stunning images you can share on social media. RUNNING POWER ANALYSIS HealthFit provides advanced running power analysis with the automatically estimated critical power, the weighted average power, the power distribution chart by 25W Increments and the mean maximal power chart which shows your best average power for time periods of one second up to the length of your run. MULTISPORT AND INTERVAL WORKOUTS HealthFit is the only app to export multisport workouts as multisession activities STATISTICS: UNCOVER HIDDEN FITNESS INSIGHTS Apple Watch gathers so much fitness data, it can sometimes seem overwhelming. HealthFit mines that data to provide essential charts and summaries that show you exactly how you’re doing, with indispensable insights that will help you to raise your fitness game. Stats are broken down by activity type, with handy Year Comparison charts. You can monitor changes in your Fitness (CTL), Fatigue (ALT), and Form (TSB), Heat Maps reveal where you’ve been training, and your Explorer Score reveals how much you’ve been getting around. HEALTH METRICS: THE STATS THAT MATTER HealthFit provides a curated view of your health metrics focusing on the essential stats every athlete needs to know, whether you’re a serious competitor, a weekend warrior, or just beginning your fitness journey. TAILORED TO YOUR FAVORITE FITNESS ACTIVITIES Unlike most fitness apps, HealthFit doesn't just focus on running and cycling. We treat all activity types equally, presenting your most frequent activity types more prominently, with specially tailored stats and charts. UNBEATABLE ON PRIVACY All your data stays on your iPhone where it belongs. Our app runs on your phone, not in the cloud. We don’t use any trackers to monitor your activity and we never will. SUPPORTED SYNCING PLATFORMS Strava, TrainingPeaks, Final Surge, Selfloop, Smashrun, MapMyFitness, MapMyRun, MapMyBike, Ride with GPS, Cycling Analytics, Today's Plan, Runalyze, Suunto, 2PEAK, Xhale, Komoot, Map My Tracks, Stages Link, TrainAsONE, Tredict,, Nolio. Plus export to Google Sheets, FIT and GPX file formats.

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