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Clock Yourself Alternatives

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🧐 What is clock yourself and How does it work?

WHAT IS CLOCK YOURSELF? Clock Yourself challenges you to think on your feet. It involves exercise for your body and your brain, at the same time. Every challenge will stimulate your brain in a different way. You don't have to master one challenge before you can explore another challenge. Some call this an exercise app.Β  Some call this a brain games app. Why can’t it be both?! WHO CAN USE CLOCK YOURSELF? Everyone! Clock Yourself exercises involve taking one step in all directions on a circle visualised beneath your feet. It’s perfect for exercise at home. Athletes often modify Clock Yourself exercises outdoors for sport-specific agility drills, by visualising a much larger circle and running between the coordinates. Similarly, people who are unable to walk can modify Clock Yourself to practise reaching with their arms, or wheelchair agility! If you think you’re too slow to use Clock Yourself, you’re probably wrong. If you think you’re too fit to use Clock Yourself, you’re definitely wrong! WHY DID WE MAKE CLOCK YOURSELF? The Clock Yourself concept originated in neurological rehabilitation. Now anyone can use it to harness their neuroplasticity. It was developed by Australian physiotherapist @MegLowryPT and software developer Dave Wallace. We had 5 goals: 1. Make it fun - Clock Yourself exercises are so entertaining that you’ll show your friends at parties! 2. Make it versatile - Both the stepping speed and the cognitive complexity are in your control. 3. Make it evidence based - This is a volitional step training method. Volitional stepping trains faster steps in all directions to improve your chances of catching yourself during a fall. 4. Make it portable - There is no need to set up mats, wires or sensors. It also works offline. It only requires internet for your initial download from the App Store. 5. Make it affordable - This is a once off purchase for pocket change. It has no recurring subscriptions and no advertisements. IS CLOCK YOURSELF AVAILABLE IN OTHER LANGUAGES? Yes and no. At this stage, all of the buttons and instructions are in English only. However, if you click the Options button within each challenge (except for the Simple Colours challenge) you can choose to play the audio prompts in six other languages. Mandarin Japanese French
 German Spanish Dutch What are you waiting for?Β  Go ahead and Clock Yourself! β€œA person who never made a mistake never tried anything new” - Albert Einstein

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