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BrainWave: 35 Binaural Series™ Alternatives

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🧐 What is brainwave: 35 binaural series™ and How does it work?

Advanced Binaural Brainwave Entrainment combined with Ambient Music, Nature Sounds, Other Audio Apps or your own iTunes Music * Includes Multi-Stage Binaural Programs for Sleep, Focus, Memory, Energy, Positive Mood, Power Nap, Deep Sleep, Motivation, Confidence, Anxiety & Stress Relief, Relaxation, Meditation & much more! * Use Included Playlist Creator to create an iTunes Playlist for each program * Can run alongside other apps like Spotify or Audio Book Readers * Headphones/Earbuds must be worn for Binaural Tones to be effective * Universal iOS app with UIs included for iPhone and iPad, so you can use it on all your devices! * Supports Family Share * No in-app purchases or subscriptions! Different states of mind are associated with specific brainwave frequencies that would be inaudible if played directly. These frequencies can be induced in the brain by playing two different tones into each ear (binaural tones), which after being processed by the brain, are perceived as an inaudible beat matching the target brainwave frequency. As you listen, your own brainwaves fall into step and synchronize with this frequency. BrainWave uses low, mid, and high frequency ranges of Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma binaural tones combined in layers and stages to create powerful multi-stage experiences. - Morning Coffee: Gentle Alpha & Beta waves to start the day - Espresso Shot: Energizing Binaural High Beta & Gamma - Morning Meditation: Alpha and Theta for a centered mind - Focused and Alert: High beta and gamma to maximize focus. Centered on the 40 Hz gamma brainwave frequency which has been show in recent studies to be connected with improved cognition. - Critical Thinking: Theta,Mid-Beta Blend to boost logical thinking - Concentration: Mid Beta Binaural tones for steady concentration - Memory Boost: Beta Spectrum Mix to improve memory - Problem Solving: Alpha, Theta, and High-Beta for focus and creative problem solving - Brainstorm: High Beta to boost lateral thinking. - Confidence Boost: Alpha, Beta, High-Theta Mix to boost confidence - Pre-Exercise Energy: High-Gamma tones for quick energy - Creativity Boost: Increase creativity with Mid-Theta Binaural beats - Positive Mood Boost: Low-Theta, High-Theta tones for positive thinking - Motivation Boost: High-Alpha, High-Beta blend to increase motivation - Euphoria: High-Theta, Beta, and Gamma to stimulate joy - Stress Reduction: Mid-Alpha/Theta Mix - Anger Relief: Mid-Delta, Alpha - Calm Reflection: Mid-Theta - Reduce Anxiety: Deeply calming Theta spectrum - Deep Relaxation: Relaxing Low-Theta, Delta - Meditation: Complex Alpha, Beta and Theta progression - Lucid Dreaming: Experience waking dreams - Dreamy Sleep: Delta, Theta Mix for deep sleep and dreams - Power Nap: Restful nap with a wakeup stage for mental focus - Deep Sleep: Low Delta wave sleep, effective for insomnia - Deep Sleep with Wake-up Stage: Deep Delta for insomnia with wakeup - Dreamy Sleep with Wake-up Stage: Delta, Beta - Headache Relief: Relieve headaches with Low-Alpha, Theta, and Delta - Hangover Relief: Delta, Theta - Yoga Meditation: Centering High-Alpha, Theta - Alpha Relaxation: Calming Binaural Alpha - Theta Meditation: Pure Theta for Deep meditation - Gamma Power Nap: Extra energizing power nap - Night Meditation: Low-Theta/Delta to meditate before bed - Night Reading: High-Delta/High-Theta for late reading * Backgrounds * - Beach Surf - Ocean Waves - Ocean Waves 2 - Rain & Thunder - Atmospheres: Serenity - Atmospheres: Awakening - Atmospheres: Space - Atmospheres: Drifting - Atmospheres: Peace - Atmospheres: Floating - Atmospheres: Soaring - Medium Rain - Light Rain - Waterfall - Flowing Creek - Pink Noise - Forest * BrainWave's binaural tones are helpful for Tinnitus as it provides an audio mask for tonal Tinnitus while also reducing the neural hyperactivity that underlies Tinnitus. * Choose from 10 Gentle Alarms or iTunes * Do not use Binaural tones while driving or operating machinery

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