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EarthBeat - Schumann Resonance Alternatives

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🧐 What is earthbeat - schumann resonance and How does it work?

β€œEverything in Life is Vibration.” Albert Einstein The Schumann resonance is Earth's repeating atmospheric heartbeat. About 2000 thunderstorms move over the Earth at any given time, creating about 50 lightning strikes every second. Each lightning strike produces electromagnetic waves that begin to circle the Earth and form the Schumann resonance. Some people associate the Schumann resonance with the rise of collective human consciousness and an ascension process. Some people notice a behaviour change when activity increases. Therefore we have created an app where you can quickly monitor the Schumann status on your iOS device. Just place one of the widgets (small, medium, large and even extra large on iPadOS) on your Home Screens or Control Center and immediately access the Schumann resonance's current measurement from Tomsk Space Observing System or the Cumiana VLF Monitoring Station, Italy. The square widgets view the rightmost part of the original rectangle graph, as this is the area where the current measurements are shown. The full charts show the variations of the Schumann resonance over the last three days. Another widget is available to view the short term prediction of the aurora bolearis. These northern lights are the result of geomagnetic storms which are caused by coronal mass ejections of the sun. In addition to the widgets, the app offers access to all the relevant measurements of the two Schumann-stations for easy monitoring and comparison. You can have a quick overview in portrait mode and go more into detail in the landscape view of your device. You can also see the prediction of aurora bolearis and aurora australis in the app. Is there a data source you're missing or a chart you'd also like to see as a widget? Let us know. We are always open to suggestions.

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